venerdì 12 agosto 2011

Sweet Salgari

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  1. BA and the SEALS have a LEAR..yeah we know that but that is so GAYLE MANCHIN circled by MOB like vultures because everyone is making deals.
    She is so HEROIN HIGH she is very difficult!
    And so , it is making it rough for RON HEVENER and he does need that pressure,
    And meanwhile, GUY HURE has given his logbooks on TEXAS and UTAH and TILLMANNS because SYRIA screwing HIM!
    And then you got BILL MILNE nailing LYDIA OLAH because BILL CLINTON was killing MILNE with the SUBMARINES and the LEARS!
    So, for CHISSAKES, get it together cause all of HOLLYWOOD has got a GOD DAMN MOVIE and they are REALLY HIGH on HEROIN!
    They want to OVER- TAKE the FUCKING QUEEN?